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Measuring instructions

Take your time when measuring, because the measurements you give us form the basis for a perfectly fitted boot. Ideally, find a person to assist you in taking your precise measurements.

It saves you unnecessary twisting and minimizes possible mistakes. If, despite our measuring instructions, you still have questions let me know.

We measure in cm , without trousers and socks.

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The length and the broadest part of your feet. Always measure both feet.

1- Measure the leg length in standing position on the backside of the leg from the hollow of the knee to the floor point

2- Measure the length of the foot from heal to toe

3- Measure the boot top exactly in the hollow of the knee.

4- Measure the widest part of the calf.

5- Measure the ankle

6- Measure from the heel around the whole foot. Put your heel on the tape measure to hold it in place!

7- Measure the instep in the middle of your foot
Measure the foot:

Draw the outline of your foot on a sheet of paper with a pencil placed vertically. Leave no space between the pencil and the foot  Please repeat this with your other foot.

1-2: Measure the length of the foot from heel to toe

3-4: Measure the broadest part of the foot.
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